About IN 4.0


A. General description

IN 4.0 is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the companies in the naval sector through their adaptation to the production model of the industry 4.0, granting in this way the sector participation in an increasingly demanding market, where innovation is a key factor for their strategic positioning.

For this purpose, several actions will be carried out: a diagnosis of the main barriers the sector faces in the process of adapting its business model, the determination of the level of maturity of the existing technologies likely to be implemented in SMEs, the definition of the work organization systems, the training of the staff of the sector to move towards IN 4.0, the design of innovative strategies to reduce costs in the application of technology, the identification of new marketing methods, and the implementation of the innovations designed in IN 4.0 in the selected SMEs of the regions involved.

B. Area of intervention

The programme INTERREG Atlantic Area covers the western part of Europe, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It includes 37 regions in five countries: the western part of the United Kingdom, the north and the south westernmost part of Spain, western France, Ireland and Portugal. The partner organizations which participate in the project are from the five countries already mentioned.

C. Objectives

Specific objectives

  • To make a diagnosis of the main problems or the already identified barriers the sector faces in the process of adapting their business into a 4.0 model, and to offer solutions
  • To determine the level of maturity of the existing technologies likely to be implemented in SMEs of the sector
  • To transform the organization systems of work, knowledge and commercialization towards a 4.0 industry
  • To provide training to the staff of the naval sector for new jobs and tasks towards a 4.0 model
  • To devise innovative strategies to reduce costs in the implementation of technology and in the identification of new marketing methods
  • To implement the innovations designed within the framework of the project in the selected SMEs of the regions involved


D. Working plan

The project includes four main activities:

  • IN CONTEXT: this is the starting point towards the adaptation to a new production model based on the existing state of the art, detecting innovations applicable to the 4.0 technologies which are relevant for the naval sector
  • IN WORK AND IN TRAINING: protocol for the redefinition of tasks performed by workers and qualification of the staff of the sector
  • IN COMMERCIALIZATION AND COSTS: reduction in the costs of the implementation of technologies and new commercialization methods
  • IN ADAPTATION: guidance for the transformation of naval companies into intelligent companies


E. Main results and deliverables of the project

  • Report of the survey results and contributions of the companies of the main naval agents to assess the situation of the implementation of the factory of the future
  • Catalogue containing a minimum of 20 existing potential technologies to be implemented
  • Report on the maturity level of the identified technologies: a minimum of 5
  • Transnational validation workshop
  • Protocol to redefine jobs
  • Training programme
  • 25 job placements for young university graduates
  • 2 training activities in each country (a total of 10)
  • Web system: ship building open knowledge
  • A mentor network in the 5 countries involved
  • 50 qualified SMEs of the sector
  • List of options to reduce the costs associated with the acquisition of technology (after a market survey)
  • A guide showing the new methods used in commercialization in other sectors: 5 commercialization and marketing innovative methods in the naval sector
  • A tool to match and map more than 100 business sectors in Europe
  • 5 cross-sectoral workshops, acting as a meeting point for companies of the naval sector and other sectors, to promote the collaboration and the sharing of experiences
  • Identification of 5 success cases, one in each country, of companies in the naval sector
  • External evaluation to measure the growth of the SMEs after adopting the industry 4.0: 50 quantitative and qualitative indicators
  • Identification of 10 companies and 5 mentors
  • 10 counselling pilot actions. The expected objective is to measure the current technological level of the sector and predict their growth after the adaptation of the small companies to the 4.0 model
  • Development of 10 mentoring programmes and 10 business plans
  • 5 workshops for the dissemination of the pilot projects aimed at reaching the highest number of SMEs of the sector in the Atlantic Area, and at increasing their interest in the planning of their process of technological change